Why do we need a spiritual guide?

Asking this question is like asking all the sports team why do you need a coach. Although players are the one playing the game on the field, they are the stars but coach is the strategic head of the team who not only trains, strategizes but also hones skills and talents of each players.


He decides the line ups, formations, techniques to win the game. The experience he/she brings to the table the techniques he/she has studied over the years cannot be matched by the players who are just involved in the game and do not have an overall outer perspective.


Similarly in the spiritual world, you are at the cusp of your spiritual development your life is undergoing a major transformation, a spiritual teacher is like a breaker in an electrical system protecting it from any damage.


If you want to win – reach enlightenment, develop your soul, tap into your infinite potential you need a trained person who has experience in not only practicing but training and nurturing people. This person will always look at the bigger picture and strategize and work towards you winning every obstacle every problem in your life. 


So how does this person nurture, enlighten or hone us?


~Uplifting your energy body


In the spiritual world, all the spiritual mentors and guides have highly developed spiritual bodies to an extent that if you just sit with them or are connected to them through sessions your energy automatically aligns with them and lifts up. 


This phenomenon of upliftment of energy can be observed through your bodies spiritual energy system by which you are able to sense, feel and assimilate everything and everyone you come into contact with. 


That’s the reason whenever we have attended YPV online sessions especially courses and ashram meditations  where the energy levels are very high  with our mentors and trainers we don’t want the session to end,  it’s because of their developed energy body and our ability to uplift with them we feel a constant feeling of peace, calm and goodness.


~Acts as a Compass to your spiritual journey


A Spiritual teacher not only lifts up your energy levels but also is responsible for continuation of your spiritual practices. Although this cannot be forced on a person.


Your life is a series of choices you make as YPV mentors and teachers say that you alone are responsible for your situation and conditions and you have the power to work and to minimize the effects or completely disintegrate it. If you have the intent to work on yourself a spiritual mentor will always have your back.


~Acts as therapist /Confidant


Sometimes we are stuck in certain situations that we are unable to share with anyone, In such cases where we want to be heard but have no one to listen to us a spiritual guide is your confidant.


Another important role a spiritual teacher plays for you is to listen to your issues and work with you and give you ways to improve your situations and mental health. My spiritual teacher has always been a text away.


Although they cannot do the work to bring change in your life they can offer and propose solutions. But you are the one who has to work towards your betterment.


~Teaching invaluable techniques


The true purpose of a spiritual teacher is to pass on the teachings and techniques to their students and make them understand how to implement it.


They are always there to guide you in any way possible and provide you with help if needed.


~Ensures you stay on track


Many times due to situations and circumstances we might get derailed from our spiritual path or discontinue practices for a bit, a spiritual guide then provides you support to continue your spiritual journey.


~Anchors you


Being connected to your spiritual teacher allows you to be more grounded and connected and in turn, helps you to grow effortlessly in all aspects of your life.


They help you create a psychic root which shields and protects you from all harm and danger.


To conclude, a Spiritual mentor is the light which removes all possibilities of darkness within us. We just have to be willing to do the work and be receptive to the teachings. A contribution of a Spiritual teacher is not only limited to the above points but also encompasses a multitude of things.


So the bottom line is that if we want to experience inner growth, we all need to have that one person who can help us become a better version of ourselves day after day after day.


It’s up to us which path we want to lead.  Start working on yourself under the mentorship of a YPV trainer today and see the difference in yourself and your life.


Change Begins from within. Be the Change🙏❤️


Dedicated to my Spiritual teacher and Mentors and all the members of YPV family


-Priyanka Bagolia

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