Why do we resist change ?

Why do we resist change ? 

Change is an inevitable reality of life . Being alive means undergoing constant change . If we accept the process of change it often leads to transformation . 

A caterpillar undergoing  metamorphosis and transforming into a butterfly is a perfect example of miraculous and beautiful change .  Nature in its essence thrives on change and process of transformation . How are we different from our environment? We are not . Our environment is an integral part of us . 

If we study simple phenomenons of nature we will observe many miraculous transformations initiated by change . 

Similarly if we as people imbibe the process of change and start replacing our current negative behaviours , habits and programs with positive habits  , behaviours and programs  we will experience a miraculous transformation within ourselves. 

But it’s easier said than done many of us aren’t really open to change in-fact we all somewhere resist all the possibilities of change . 

So why does that happen ? 

To speak in scientific terms Part of the human brain—the amygdala interprets change as a threat and releases the hormones for fear, fight, or flight which means that we are hardwired to resist change . 

If we look at human psyche we all strive for stability , constancy and comfort . Incorporating change means foregoing all of the above things and since we look at fulfilling our short term gratification rather weighing benefits in longer run we tend to resist change

Why Change is important ? 

The process of change when constant leads to an internal fundamental evolution of our mental and physical being . Change whether big or small when it’s consistent and maintained over a period of time leads to permanent and far reaching outcome called transformation. 

Change is important to break our regular thought process and plays an essential  role in introducing  us to something new . It opens possibilities for opening up new opportunities and widening our horizons . It introduces flexibility and allows us to break our set ways and adapt to new roles , new environment and new people. 

If you look at the bigger picture incorporating change for our betterment and incorporating good habits leads to more happiness and less stress. 

In spirituality it is believed that Change is an inherent experience one needs to accept in order to experience greater happiness and freedom. Like the trees have to shed their leaves every season in order to get new leaves and transform similarly we need to shed our learned or acquired behaviours , negative thoughts patterns , rigidity in order to transform into a more compassionate , caring and receptive individual. 

So if you are experiencing unwanted change in your life take it as a blessing to becoming something much more and transforming into something new and beautiful. 

A person who’s is open to change Vs A person who is not open to change 

As mentioned before we all are hardwired to Resist change . If you look at every individual ,everyone has that resistance within them . Some people have more resistance and some people have less resistance to change . Thus meaning that the only difference varies in the degree of resistance. Any person having higher degree of resistance to change will be more rigid in their core nature  and any person having less degree of resistance will be flexible in nature . But if we look at an individual level we all have our own set of beliefs and that’s how we operate ,our openness and willingness to accept something different than our own set of beliefs determines our threshold for change.  

So how can we be more open to change ? 


If you accept that you need to be more open to change in order to grow and thrive you will automatically pave way for growth in your life 

Stimulating your mind 

When you constantly gain new experiences and insights into new things you become open to incorporating change as knowing is a way to becoming. 

Effective communication 

This is very important you need to ensure that all your interactions are based on understanding , exchange of ideas and knowledge and that you fulfill the end goal of putting your point across and gaining insight into the other persons perspective rather than indulging into war of words or proving your point . This doesn’t mean that you won’t have disagreements but even with disagreements you need to make it a point to not let your mental state get affected or disturb someone else’s mental state. 

If you are unable to do effective communication  it’s an indications that you need to work on yourself and therefore should  limit interactions and dialogue . As arguments and ineffective communication drains out your energy body. 

Self awareness 

This is also very important in understanding your core nature and inner drive . Every individual has different set of needs and requirements and what works for one may not necessarily work for other and in order to know and understand what kind of change you need to be working towards self awareness is key. 

Continuing the process of learning 

We all learn something new ,something different everyday no matter the age  . If you are open to learning it paves way for flexibility in your mind , thereby keeping your mind young . Your openness to learning also develops your intelligence as you are more  willing to constantly gain insights and incorporate new ideas into your belief system. 

How does YPV help in asserting Change?

Spiritual evolution is built on the process of change . For anything to evolve , change is inevitable. 

If I talk specifically about YPV the very system thrives on the idea of unlearning , relearning and constantly learning about yourself and In the process having a better understanding of the world and people around you. 

YPV nurtures you into becoming a more compassionate , open minded and loving version of yourself . We all have these qualities inside of us we haven’t reached their full potential yet . When you become part of this system you understand that you were living inside a closed room and so busy banging your head on the wall crying , whining, wallowing that you didn’t realize that the room had a door . As soon as you stopped  banging your head and noticed the door and unlocked it . You found a whole new world of knowledge and perspective around you. 

Some YPV techniques that help you in incorporating change within yourself :

1- YPV online sessions 

2- YPV group sessions 

3- YPV courses 

4- YPV healing sessions 

5- YPV group interactions 

Most of the above mentioned things are open for all so it’s a wonderful opportunity that’s been given to us to make a positive change within us and thereby making a positive change in our environment to help improve the quality of our lives. 

In conclusion I would like to say that being open to  change is equivalent to opening the gates of your mind to new possibilities and opportunities. 

When you are willing to change and ready to learn you become more self aware , gain new insights through new perspectives and new experiences . You have more zeal towards life which makes you more adaptable to different situations. 

It also drives your ability to be receptive and open to new ideas , knowledge and thoughts thereby allowing you to reach a consistent and constant level of personal growth . So like the Caterpillar you can also transform into this beautiful winged creature who looses the weight of his/her problems and is able to fly and flutter across the world and enjoy the beauty of life itself . So don’t wait make a conscious choice everyday to exert positive change within you and in your life. 

Change starts from within . Be the change

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