Entitlement In Spirituality – What Does It Mean?

By definition, Entitlement means the fact of having a right to something or the belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment. In spirituality as well the meaning of Entitlement is same but its essence is different.

We all as human beings have this basic underlying belief that we are entitled to something- we are entitled to be happy, entitled to be rich, entitled to be disease-free, entitled to love, etc. All our desires and feeling is rooted in our wants. Wanting to have a comfortable life, wanting to be rich, wanting to have good relationships.

This belief is so ingrained in our subconscious that when life doesn’t give us what we want we get into this cycle of negativity, complaining, wallowing, resentment being a victim of self-pity, depression, and sadness thereby creating resistance within us for any possibility of good that can come to us. This resistance manifests itself in form of negative emotions like anger, fear, or any other mental illness and negative situations where we feel trapped and stuck.

Let’s face the truth we all have had this feeling of entitlement at some point or other in life and maybe continue to do so. That’s why we ask ourselves these questions I am doing so much that person is not why should I? Why should I bother? Why should I care? Why should I give if I am not receiving?

This is the feeling of entitlement that not only negates the possibility of good that we can do but also blocks us from reaching our true inner potential and growth. So if Entitlement isn’t that great how does is it work in spirituality?

In spirituality, Entitlement works other way round. If you are on a spiritual path and if I specifically talk about YPV, the first thing you need to understand as a principle is that you are not entitled to anything.

You are the cause and root of all your problems and responsible for your own conditions and destiny. But you also have the power to change and influence your life the way you want it to be. You also have the power to grow, develop and elevate to higher consciousness. You are taught to thrive and not just survive. And these are not just words that are said we are given ways and techniques to bring in that change in our lives and the lives of people around us and connected to us.

The resistance that we create over a period of time which is also referred to as calcified ideas, negative thought forms, and pent up emotions in YPV which are as a result of our own limitations, societal conditioning, past baggage, and past karmas traps us in a loop of sadness and sufferings.

In order to break that loop, we need to break the cycle of complaining and negativity and understand the root cause of everything that’s happening in our life which is us. Everything we experience or feel is all in our mind we tame our mind we gain control of our lives and become the boss. Once we break the loop, remove the resistance, and flow in the direction the universe/divine wants us to we earn ENTITLEMENT.

Yes, In spirituality Entitlement is not something you feel it’s something you earn by constantly working on yourself, elevating your self-consciousness, and allowing inner growth.

Entitlement is the end product of all the work you do on yourself and for others. In order to continue your work, you need to maintain and sustain that Entitlement which is a privilege an opportunity that has been given to you by Divine to be an instrument of change. So how do you earn entitlement?

-Taking a spiritual path -start learning about YPV.

-Inner purification by YPV methods -forgiveness meditation.

-Maintaining inner peace and positive emotions.


-Consistent Practice



-Practicing YPV virtues

The first step towards opening gates to earn spiritual  Entitlement in your life is to recognizing the issues, being grateful to the good you have in your life, willingness to work on yourself, and helping others. If you take this first step everything else will open up to you.

Just by making changes in our thoughts and behavior we can lessen the energy of Feeling of Entitlement and take a step towards Earning Entitlement leading to elevated consciousness and inner growth.

Start today be the change and an instrument of change 🙏

-Priyanka Bagolia From Canada

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