Deeper Understanding Of Energy Exchange

What is energy exchange? 

Energy exchange is the energy flowing between one person to another. When the energy exchange between two people is coherent in nature the energy field is amplified further improving the connection and relationship between two people.


How does it work? 

Like an electrical circuit, there’s an energy circuit that is vital to be completed in the process of energy exchange. This means that if we are receiving something of value we give something back of equal value. This helps in instilling Generosity in us thereby allowing our heart chakra to open up which in turn makes us more receptive to the energy we are receiving.


What is the form of energy exchange and why? 

Money is the common form of energy exchange as it’s a materialized form of time and effort. Also, it is the medium of exchange for goods and services. You can also provide gift as an energy exchange.


Why do we do energy exchange?


~Learning higher teachings


 It varies from needs of different people sometimes people elevate their inner self and   take a spiritual path and want to learn about higher techniques and teachings therefore depending on the level of the course and it’s value to the growth of a person the energy exchange is determined.


~ Getting Healings done


In order to improve your current situation or alleviate yourself or anyone connected to you from their pain and sufferings, we might decide to get healings done. Depending on the severity of the case the energy exchange is determined. Sometimes some cases are so severe that additional things need to be done apart from doing the energy exchange.


~Group sessions


If you wish to be a part of group session which is very powerful you might need to do an energy exchange. Most of the YPV online Facebook sessions are free of charge and open for all.


~Private sessions


If you wish to get personalized scanning and reading done from a YPV healer you can get a private session done as well. The energy exchange is determined by the healer.


~ Online sessions


There are certain online sessions that are extremely powerful and effective and in order to be a part of them, an energy exchange has to be done. Reddy Sir’s 10 pm group healing is one such session, you can be a part of it by providing an energy exchange of a nominal amount.


What happens when you don’t do an energy exchange?


If you are reaping benefits of higher teachings and techniques an energy exchange is a must. Sometimes mentors trainers and healers don’t do an energy exchange for their students as they consider it their karmic obligation to elevate them from their current situation. It’s still recommended to do an energy exchange in form of service or donation for better receptivity of energies.


If someone has reaped the benefits of higher teaching and techniques and not done an energy exchange in any form it could lead to adverse effects as it’s a sign of ingratitude. So what happens when someone doesn’t do an energy exchange and reaps the benefits.


~ Loose entitlement


If you have access to higher teachings or techniques even if you don’t practice them yourself, it is because of your good Karma in the past. The divine or universe has chosen you to be its instrument to exert positive change. However, if you reap the benefits of it and don’t do an energy exchange it could lead you to losing that entitlement which In turn means you would lose access to the higher techniques and teachings and possibility of higher growth of inner self.


~Generates Negative Karma


If an energy exchange is not done in any form you end up generating negative Karma. Let me explain you with an example A  man goes to a store and purchases few food items since he is hungry and he has to pay in exchange for the items. However, he tells the store person that he doesn’t have that money and that he will pay later. The store person out of kindness agrees. He owes that store person that much amount for the food he took. If he doesn’t pay the amount he owes, the store manager would likely not let him purchase anything from the store again and might report him, whatever it is there will be consequences that won’t be good for him.


In the same way, a healer or trainer is providing you access to divine energies and in order for you to show gratitude for the work and effort, an energy exchange needs to be done. If you don’t do an energy exchange you would not only lose access but also generate negative Karma which could further lead to worsening of your current state.


~Worsening  of your situation


In the universal scale of balance, all your debits (negative karma ) and credits (good karma) are weighed, and depending on which side is heavier your situations and circumstances of life is determined.


If you are gaining access to higher teachings and techniques in any way the more you give the more you receive. Along with the energy exchange when you give out good to the universe, good comes back to you, and sooner you are able to come out of your situation.


However, if you aren’t doing any service and also not doing an energy exchange with the person helping you which is the bare minimum you should be doing it’s more likely that your situation will worsen.


~Healings may become ineffective


When a healer decides to do healings for you they should determine an energy exchange for better receptivity. However sometimes when a healer does your healing for free they are attaching you with their good karma thereby compensating that energy from their balance of good Karma. Also, the energy from your balance of good karma in the past is being used in the process.


if you keep getting healings done without making an effort either healings will become ineffective or your situation may become such that you end up paying more in inform of hospital bills and treatments etc or in some other way as your balance of good karma will eventually run out and you need to generate good karma in order to sustain those energies.


~Unable to form lasting and meaningful relationship with the healer/trainer


Let me explain this with an example Imagine you go out with a friend for a meal. And you get the bill and she ends up paying for you both, ideally, you should be paying for your share. However, in order to compensate her, you help her out with assignments and work and reduce her workload. Similarly, if you aren’t doing an energy exchange with a healer you need to make sure you do service in some form or the other so you compensate that balance energy and if you decree it in healers name it’s all the more better.


It’s always recommended you do the energy exchange. But if you keep going out with your friend and she ends up paying all the time and you don’t offer anything in return. She will feel undervalued and unappreciated and also she will run out of money in time which in turn will affect your relationship.


I am not saying the same thing will happen to the healer because a healer has multiple ways to generate good karma but it will end up affecting your relationship with the healer. If you are getting healings done and not doing an energy exchange it reflects a form of ingratitude. Even if the healer has agreed to do the healings as a service you can show your gratitude by doing service, forgiveness meditation, and donation.


YPV and energy exchange – Some misconceptions

Many a time a YPV practitioner comes across a situation or circumstance where the other person would say you are uplifting the humanity and doing good it’s should be done for free or as a charity. Let me ask you is this is the same question you ask someone who is selling bottled water even though earth has 71% of water that’s available on its surface for free or do you ask oxygen manufacturer that earths atmosphere is made up of 21% oxygen and it’s freely available so it should be free. The reason why you don’t ask these questions is that there’s a cost attached to bringing the final product of bottle of water or oxygen cylinder that’s readily available for use to you. The processing, setting up of plant, and packaging require capital.


Similarly, even though Energy /Prana/Chi is freely available around us, to specifically use it for your benefit requires years of techniques, practice, study, hard work, and capital. In order to bring those energies to you for your benefit, an amount has to be paid. There are a lot of overhead cost that’s attached to running workshops, conducting seminars or online sessions, printing study material.


Most valuable aspect of YPV courses is the time and effort that goes into bringing these higher teachings to everyone and simplifying it so it’s readily available to use and practice. The trainer that’s imparting these teachings needs to maintain their energy body and karmic obligations as well as they have to live their day to day life like any other person, pay their bills, and cover their expenses. So it’s important to understand this and show our gratitude and respect by doing an energy exchange in any way possible.


As a YPV practitioner service is a duty so it should be done on a  regular basis as it’s a way to fulfill our commitment towards uplifting humanity. But even for a YPV practitioner, it’s imperative to do regular service, tithing, donation, and service healings as an energy exchange to show gratitude towards the teachings and techniques provided.


In conclusion, Energy Exchange is extremely vital to not only enjoy and improve quality of life but also to sustain and maintain entitlement.


It also provides protection against risks and problems. It is very important to understand that Energy is always a two-way exchange. The quality of energy exchange will determine the results and fruitfulness of the outcome you desire ultimately allowing you to live the life you want for yourself. 


-Priyanka Bagolia

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