Deeper understanding of Guardian angels /Spirit helpers / guide

Deeper understanding of Guardian angels /Spirit helpers / guide

If we talk about science specifically in terms of energy the, 

The First Law of Thermodynamics – Law of conservation of energy states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it is always conserved

In essence it means that energy can be converted from one form into another 

By keeping this in mind if we try to understand the existence of every single thing around us whether animate or inanimate we will understand, What are we if not energy ? 

Everything around us ,every person has an energy , we are all made up of atoms and molecules which has protons , electrons , neutrons which carries a certain charge (energy ) . Every single thing that exists has a purpose ,when the physical form of that thing doesn’t exist does it mean that energy is gone, no it doesn’t . 

We may be different but we all are connected with a single universal consciousness. 100% mass of our body is made up of start dust which means that nearly all the elements of our body were made in star .

All the materials in our body which are made up of stardust finds its way into the plants and other organisms which comes back to us in form of nutrients which helps us think, move and grow and every few years bulk of our bodies are newly created . It’s a beautiful cycle which  connects us all and when our physical form dissipates we end up floating in space become one with universe . This process continues over and over again

So keeping this fact of science in mind , if we talk about energy world we will understand even if our physical form dissipates our energy (consciousness)  does exist . American physicist  Aaron Freeman has offered a similar perspective on the afterlife, Mr Freeman revealed how the universe is hardwired to conserve all energy – including that of human beings.

By this he  meant that the law of conservation of energy applies to human beings as well ,  the energy flowing through our bodies does not disappear when our physical form ceases to exist but is simply rearranged.

In spiritual world as well the guardian angels and beings of spirits which are also referred as higher beings are a form of universal energy with which we and all other beings are connected . They are the beings of Highest  truth and compassion who help us not only guiding our thoughts but also influence our energy .

These guardian angels or beings of spirit do not have a physical form and they have many purposes. But they all share a common  purpose which is to align us with universal love  so that we can deeply connect with the universal consciousness from which our consciousness is derived . When you are feeling stuck or trapped in a negative situation and you need any form of help and support or you are in extreme fear you can call upon these spiritual guides and helpers to provide you support .

In order for you to receive their support and truly feel their presence you need to open up yourself to their divine /universal energies , show willingness to surrender yourself and have a spiritual sight . If you call upon them they will come to your aid and that point what matters is your intent . All spirit , guides , helpers intervene in your life when you ask for their help ,you need to exercise your free will to determine whether you want spiritual guidance or need to follow a spiritual path . 

It is also very important to nurture your relationship with the spirit guides and helpers to be constantly connected to them  . You need to connect with them by invoking for their blessings and guidance and be thankful for their presence . Also it’s very important to surrender your self to the blessings and guidance of the beings of highest truth and compassion to receive their energies . Once connected to them they will guide you , give you direction and help you align with the universal love and consciousness . 

The most effective way to connect or communicate with your spirit guide is through meditation as it removes all mental clutter and unnecessary thoughts which makes us more aware of our inner state ,it helps us connect deeply with our inner self and align ourselves with the universal love thus in turn improving connection  with our spirit guides .

Are guardian angels/spirit guides  in human form ? 

Yes ,  guardian angels are in human form as well  and they are called living angels . Most of the spirit guides and helpers are constantly present with us in form of energy but in our lives as well we have people who love us unconditionally, help us in a situation, uplift us and we feel a strong connection to them . They are a form of guardian angel whose purpose in life is to help us and direct us to the right path , it can be your parents , any family member  , spiritual mentor or teacher , friends or even a stranger . 

These living angels can appear at any time of your life or a part of your life since the inception of it . They could be a person you have known your whole life or someone you just met or encountered . These people have a light or shine to them they bring out the best of world . When you feel that you’re falling into pieces they help you pick up the pieces , put you back together and uplift you to keep you on your feet . The words they speak or advice they give has a divine truth and purity in it . You feel at peace and more attuned to your inner self when you are with them. 

To sum it up Guardian angels , spirit guides and helpers are all part of higher universal consciousness with which we all are connected . The underlying essence of existence of all the beings In the universe is to be attuned and aligned with this universal consciousness to elevate our self in different forms . To  see the consciousness in its purity and feel it is to experience the universal consciousness by connecting with these higher beings . 


Priyanka Bagolia, Canada


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