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A ‘Case Report on ‘COVID 19 Case report: successful and speedy recovery of patients using yoga prana vidya (YPV) Healing’ – by – VS Nanduri, Vishakha Karnani has been published in Current Opinion in Virus and Infectious Diseases, June, 2020:1(4);78-82


Introduction: Currently, there are no definitive, proven treatments for COVID 19, although multiple pharmacological options are being explored. A spate of clinical trials has been initiated in the wake of the outbreak, with no conclusions as of now. Yoga Prana Vidya (YPV) system of healing is a non-touch non-drug treatment that is known to be effective as complementary medicine to treat several diseases successfully.

Study Design: This is a case study of 11 patients who were successfully healed and speedily recovered. A group of competent YPV healers were teamed up to heal the patients in distance mode, using appropriate protocols to match the conditions and symptoms of each individual patient.

Results: Data analysis showed that one patient recovered within 4 days of healing, 9 patients recovered in 8 days, and one patient took about 3 weeks because of other comorbid conditions.

Conclusions: Yoga Prana Vidya (YPV) system of healing has been found to be effective as complementary medicine to support hospital efforts in treating, enabling faster recovery (reduction of 16.67% to 73.3% in average time taken from admission to discharge) and saving the lives of COVID affected patients, paving the way for undertaking scientifically designed pilot studies at multiple locations and populations. YPV system can also be used to strengthen the immune system or as preventive measure.

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