COVID-19 Success Stories

COVID-19 Healing case studies

Amidst the pandemic, YPV has offered free healing services to those affected by COVID-19 as well as their family members. Many patients have been treated successfully by the team of YPV Healers.

Take a look at some of the COVID-19 patients healed using YPV energy healing as a complimentary healing modality.

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Written Testimonials

I am Dr. Veeresh Gourshetty 27yrs, from Bidar Karnataka, I am a pg in VIMS Ballari Orthopaedic department I was tested positive for COVID 19 on 29th June I had mild symptoms initially so I was isolated at Govt. Dental college later my symptoms worsened and had changes in CT thorax so I was shifted to ICU at district hospital. Those few days in ICU were very difficult for me as a patient and a doctor seeing patients and myself suffer, but in these hard times, Dr. Dhanuja mam was in constant touch with me with VPV healings by Madhu mam and team. Now I have been discharged and home quarantined and doing well. I would like to thank everyone from YPV for the healings and my early recovery.

Dr. Veeresh Gourshetty 27yrs

I am Shashi Gupta, 46, Delhi. I am a homemaker. I tested positive for COVID-19 on 3 June 2020. I was exposed to the virus after my husband got it. I had 100-101 fever, heavy & short breathing, weakness and body ache. I started panicking when I couldn’t breathe properly. The anxiety made the situation even worse. I started using nebulizer however I didn’t feel better. After my sister-in-law involved me into Yoga Prana Vidya I could observe the change and feel much relaxed and better than before. As of today, 11 June 20201, I don’t have a fever or any breathing issues. My diet has improved and I feel more active. I would like to thank Lakshmi Ma’am for the healings, good thoughts and all the positive energy and lastly thanks to YOGA PRANA VIDYA for helping me out of this situation.

Shashi Gupta

Healers are spiritual warriors who have found the courage to defeat the darkness of soul awakening and rising from the depths of the deepest fear, like a phoenix rising from ashes. Reborn with wisdom and strength that creates a light that shines bright enough to help, encourage, and inspire others. Thank u Sandhya Sunil (aunty) and YPV. My dad Naveen had a bad cough and was not able to have food since a week. So we doubted and told him to get a swab test done, and he was tested positive. He was home quarantined. We were panicked because my mom was diabetic. So we took help from Sandhya aunty. Through her magical words, she made us calm and told us to do PPM and BREATHING EXERCISE every day. When she started healing for my dad within 5 days his cough was reduced by 50% and was also able to eat this was because of her healing and powerful blessings. The healing kept him energetic, healthy, and fearless. She even minutely checked every feedback of his health condition. When we started to do PPM and BREATHING we were relaxed, calm, energetic. She gave us moral support and healed us (emotionally, physically, mentally). From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for curing my dad and protecting my family.

Trisha DN

I hail from Udaipur, Rajasthan. Since 25th April, my friend’s dad, Mr. Vijaya Saradhi Mandava wasn’t feeling so well. He had fever, cough, and body ache. Initially, the family thought it to be a normal fever because of a change in weather as my friend’s parents traveled to New York from Hyderabad to meet him. After 2-3 days, his dad’s condition got worse and they took him to the hospital on 28th April for a checkup where he was tested COVID 19 positive. He was immediately admitted to a hospital in New York and the rest of the family members got their tests done as well but thankfully the test results were negative. Uncle is 65 years old and has a past history of a heart problem with 2 stents planted and suffered from cardiac arrest three months back only. Within a few days of getting admitted, his condition got even worse and doctors had to put him on a ventilator on 4th May. Even doctors weren’t so positive about his condition due to his age and health issues but they kept him in ICU and continued the treatment anyways. At this time, my aunt suggested to me about Yoga Prana Vidya (YPV) healing. Although I didn’t have any idea about it, yet I decided to give it a try even if it bears the slightest benefit. I got in touch with Seema Srivastava and a team of healers guided by Vishakha ma’am started his healings. They would heal him 4-5 times a day and also healings and blessings were given from their Bangalore ashram, I got to know. They are healing COVID patients free of charge, as part of service to humanity in these times of crisis. Since the YPV healings started, his condition started getting better and symptoms gradually reduced. On 21st May, he was taken out of Ventilator which doctors thought to be really surprising and was shifted to a normal care ward as he was still weak and had not recovered fully. YPV team continued their daily healings and blessings and on 5th June, uncle got discharged from hospital in good health. Currently, the whole family has quarantined themselves and are in good condition. I would like to express my gratitude towards the YPV team and especially Seema Srivastava for their constant support through the healings and blessings they did for my friend’s dad. I would surely suggest others who have any of their close ones suffering from Covid-19 to take the benefits.


I am Suchitra 50, from Mysore, As I was in my Daughter’s place in Mumbai, I traveled back to Mysore from Mumbai and tested positive for COVID 19 on 3rd June 2020 and was shocked on hearing the news. It caused more mental stress than physical illness. I had little throat irritation, apart from that I did not have any other symptoms of COVID 19. As my husband is a healer he introduced to yoga prana vidya. I regularly did meditation and breathing exercises. I am very grateful to Madhu Sudhir ma’am for the healing and positive energy. Finally, I was discharged from the hospital on the 16th of June and completely normal now. Thank you to Yoga Prana Vidya.


I would like to thank Smita Jain and all the healers for providing YPV healing to my cousin brother Amandeep. He was diagnosed covid+ve. I immediately informed Smita Jain and she started the healing immediately. I was in constant touch with Smita during this period. Amandeep was also in ICU as he was diagnosed with pneumonia. I gave regular feedback to her and she used to increase his healings accordingly. He recovered miraculously and was discharged from the hospital in just 3 days. He is perfectly alright now. I am so grateful to Smita and the entire healing group for helping in healing my husband Pawan Kumar.

Smita Jain

I’m Atul Amrute from Mumbai. I would like to share my experience of Yoga Prana Vidya healings during my Covid-19 quarantine period. A few days back I had a fever and a little cough and since then I’ve been home quarantined. Even though my fever had subsided with medicines still we thought it would be safe to home quarantined for a few days. Later on, on 22nd June 2020, I was tested positive for Covid-19. Since then we all were home quarantined. On 23rd I came to know about YPV Healings for Covid-19 through one of my family friends and since that day YPV healings for me and my family were started. I was having cough & even coughing, my oxygen levels were around 93 to 94, had little breathing issue only during coughing & a lot of weakness. Since the day my healings were started my oxygen levels were maintained around 96 throughout the day and by the end of the healings, my oxygen levels were 98 to 99. Within three days since the day my healings were started I was feeling very fresh, my weakness was much reduced & I was able to sleep peacefully. My cough had reduced gradually. By the end of the healings, all my symptoms were cured. My wife Rashmi and daughter Anushka had a loss of smell and sore throat. Every day they used to check if they have regained their loss of smell by smelling camphor but it remained the same. But since the day their healings were started they had started to regain the loss of smell and within 3 days they had completely regained loss of smell. Their sore throat was not getting cured by any medicines but with YPV healings it got cured within a day. My younger daughter Ananya was having a sore throat which got cured within a day of YPV healings. She also had a severe headache and even her Jaw was aching even that had subsided within an hour of healing and within 1 day that too was cured completely. We are sincerely thankful to the entire team of Yoga Prana Vidya family for helping us out in these times of crises and for accelerating the healing process of our entire family.

Atul Amrute

I am Mahesh NB, I was tested COVID-19 positive on 25th June 2020. I am away from my family and staying with my friend. One of my colleagues came to know about my COVID and he voluntarily contacted Mrs. Sindhu Sree for my healing and speedy recovery. On 26th I could talk to Mrs. Sindhu who is a trained and practicing Yoga Prana Vidya system and understood about healing from distance. I came to know about Yoga Prana Vidya teachings and practices which help our well being. I was feeling very depressed and unnecessary fear was on top of me. This affected my mental stability, then the real effect of the virus. The process of healing started on 26th June. I was house quarantined and had basic medicine for fever. Daily distance healing was given by Mrs. Sindhu who is now in TOKYO. Day by day I could feel better and the healing continued for almost 2 weeks. I also attended a few online sessions of Yoga Prana Vidya conducted by Sri NJ Reddy. By week’s time, I was alright and feeling normal. Got my test done again and the report was negative. I had a belief in the process of exchange of energies with contact OR without contact. ( sending vibrations) Probably due to this, I could receive the healings and get benefited fast. Yes, I strongly believe in the healing process which will definitely help us in improving our positivity and feel blissful.

Mahesh NB

Hi, I Am Dr. Arun native of Kurnool District Andhra Pradesh. My father in law was diagnosed with COVID 19 and had symptoms of fever body pains pneumonia psychological stress. We admitted him in a private hospital on 16 /7/20 and was given medications and oxygen support. My cousin Kanyaka introduced Sandhya Ma’am to me. Ma’am had asked about the general conditions of the Patient and explained to us about healings and how does it work. She also suggested us to practice breathing exercises and forgiveness sadhana 2-3 times a day. Everyday 2 healings were done for my father in law by Sandhya ma’am. He started getting psychological/mental health support/healing from day 1 of her healings along with Doctor’s medications. She is following up with us every day about his health condition, his stability, and healings done for him. He’s discharged from hospital on 27/7/20 in healthy condition with all the support of healings, covid19 protocols done by ma’am, and management by Doctors of a private hospital. I am very much delighted, lucky, and happy for getting healing services from madam at the right time.

Dr. Arun native

My name is Aastha Saboo. We (Me and My Husband Yogesh) are from Sharjah (UAE). On 18th May, we had symptoms like sore throat, cold & body ache. Normally during this time of the year due to season change this happens to almost all in UAE. We waited for a week taking normal medication and home remedies for our symptoms to subside, but it only got worse . As there was a pandemic of COVID and the symptoms matched with it we had asked my mother (Vinita Bahety) on 22nd May to heal us. She is also a Yoga Prana Vidya Healer; We had got our test done on 27th May and it came out positive but till then our body was much better and with lesser symptoms. Both of us were feeling quite good. But as per Govt rules and instructions, we had to be in quarantine for 14 days so that the virus doesn’t affect others. Also here is UAE as per Govt rules after 14 days no retest is required. So we would like to thank the entire team of Yoga Prana Vidya and my mother as well; because of the healings we received, our recovery was much faster and without any major complications.

Aastha Saboo

Before I go further I would like to Thank you for your valuable support to my family during the critical situation. I am living in a joint family at Sinnar, Tal-Sinnar, Dist-Nashik. In my family, three members were tested covid-19 positive and were hospitalized at civil hospital Sinnar. One of the members was suffered with the pneumonia and saturation was down to 93 then we shifted him to the district place at Shatabdi hospital Nashik. Our patient was required artificial oxygen to maintain his saturation to the normal level. During the time we contacted Yoga Prana Vidya Healing and we experienced a new thing that patients also can be treated without hospitalization and medicine through distance healing which gives a lot of positive energy and relief to the patient. During this period Mrs. Poonam and Mr. Vinayak Khade availed all the details of the patient and arranged for the distance healing. We wonder that our two patients were discharged from the hospital on the 7th day till the distance healing was continued for the next 3-4 days and now both the patients are doing well. For another patient, the distance healing was continued and he was also get the discharge on 11th July 2020. With the help of YOGA PRANA VIDYA healing treatment, our patients are feeling more relaxed, fresh, and more positive than before. Once again Thank you team YPV, Vishakha Ma’am, Mrs. Poonam, and Mr. Vinayak and all the healers for their efforts and positive approach towards my family. I will strongly recommend the YPV healing treatment to all my friends and loved ones.

Amol Kawade

I am Shravya B J, 26, Mysore, I am in my 5th month of pregnancy and I traveled from Mumbai to Mysore and tested positive for COVID 19 on 3rd June 2020 and was shocked on hearing the news though I did not have any symptoms at that moment. It caused more mental illness than physical illness. After 2 days of admitting to the hospital developed a little cold apart from that I did not have any other symptoms of COVID 19. As my father is a healer he introduced to yoga prana vidya. I regularly did meditation and breathing exercises. I am very grateful to Madhu Sudhir ma’am for the healings and positive energy. Finally, I was discharged from the hospital on the 16th of June and completely normal now. Thank you to Yoga Prana Vidya.

Shravya B J

Respected Paramjeet di, First of all, I mentioned you as di because of the support we got from you, di is the perfect word for you. A big thanks to you and all the healers who were healing. When my relative Harpreet Kaur told me about you, firstly I didn’t believe in this type of treatment because it’s new for us. But no wonder it works. actually my husband Jaspreet Singh age 45 was suffering from high fever, dry cough, and body pain from 8th June. We were really worried about the symptoms as in Delhi the situation was getting worse. But Harpreet told me about you and I contacted you and asked to help us. And really we are glad you were ready to do so from 10th June a team of healers started healing for my husband and you taught us Rhythmic Breathing and Forgiveness. and even helped us through WhatsApp and phone calls. We again thank Paramjeet di and the healers who helped us in the recovery of my husband. Now he is absolutely fine and joined his office. We also want to thank your organization YOGA PRANA VIDYA for such wonderful work they are doing and of course, I will be a new member of YPV Family soon.

Preeti Bhatia

On behalf of my family, I would like to express gratitude for healing given to my husband Rohit Gupta. On 17th my husband was tested corona positive. He was admitted to the hospital on 19th June. On the 21st his condition started worsening and doctors advised for plasma therapy. He had uncontrolled breathlessness. Knowing Rohit’s situation my friend Chetali contacted me & introduced me to Lakshmi ma’am for healings. Within a few minutes, I was confirmed by Chetali that healing has been started. By God’s grace slowly things started falling into place & we could see recovery in my husband’s health. I was so emotionally drained with all that I was facing. Lakshmi ma’am I am so thankful for all the support and powerful healing that you gave to Rohit and me. We are waiting for Rohit to get discharged from hospital as soon as possible.

Ruchi Gupta

Miracles do happen in YPV. I am a dentist by profession. My husband is a veterinarian. He developed fever and breathlessness. We were taking horn medication and checking oxygen saturation at home. Oxygen level was quite good but fever showed no signs of coming down even after 10 days. We decided to visit the hospital. During this COVID pandemic, any patient with fever and breathlessness is referred to as the fever clinic first. You know what it feels like being surrounded by COVID patients. He was asked to get a chest x-ray done and a few lab tests. After examination, he was asked to get admitted for pleural effusion( fluid in the lungs). Again getting admitted to a ward where COVID suspected patients are also treated with a ventilator still their results come. No doctors were ready to do pleural tapping( removing fluid) till the COVID results came. It was taking 3 days for the COVID results. The next day miracle did happen. I was just praying and blessing, I did try talking to doctors, but they said no. Evening one doctor came removed fluid, he was not even on duty that day. Bharthi mam and Jyothi mam were continuously healing and in hospital, my husband was doing forgiveness and rhythmic yogic breathing( 4_2-4-2 as he could not do 6_3_6_3). Fever was not reducing and doctors were loading him antibiotics. After 3 days of wait, the day of COVID results also came, here we go, doctor, said there is an error in swab collection, we have to repeat, that means my husband has to stay with COVID patients for another 3 days in ICU ward. Healing continued by my trainers, even I used to do the healing. Etheric Shielding Was done for him and I used to shield myself and go to the hospital(first 2 days I was tense and forgot to shield and I was totally drained) riding 10 plus km in the scooter during a lockdown. I thank the Master for all the strength he gave me. Again after 8 days of hospital stay surrounded by COVID patients my husband’s COVID result also came negative and fever starting reducing. It was indeed a miracle. He is continuing breathing exercise and 2 weeks after discharge his breathing has improved. You can check with a pulse oximeter, pulse before and after breathing exercise, for those who still doubt the benefits of rhythmic yogic breathing. I am much grateful and thankful to YPV, Master, Mrs. Bharathi Ramakrishnan who introduced me to YPV, My trainers Mrs. Jyothi Shroff, Mrs. Janani Reddy, Mrs. Radha Ganesh.

Dr. Manasa Anup

I am Amit Srivastava and this is an account of our struggle with Covid-19 and how YPV healing and prayer worked for us. We live in Gurugram. It started on May 24th, when my wife, Archana Verma, had a little fever. The next day my daughter Asawari Moha also started feeling feverish. At this time my office got open and they asked me to join. I was quite skeptical as I did not want to be a carrier of any sort of infection in the office. I requested my seniors to allow me to work from home. They suggested me to get the Covid-19 — a test done. On May 27th I went for the test, I was not feeling well too. I consulted a doctor and the doctor advised me to get the Covid-19 test done. I gave a sample, came home, and got myself isolated. On the morning of May 29th, I got my result and it was positive. I was taken aback. I immediately arranged tests for my entire family. However, the pathology guys came the next day. On May 31st we came to know that out of 7 members, 6 were COVID positive, which included my 89-years-old father-in-law Shri Rajendra Sahai Verma and our 61-years-old housemaid Habiba. My 81-years-old mother-in-law was negative, but she refused to leave the house. All of a sudden, we were in big trouble. We were living in two flats and there was no way that she could be isolated from us. As soon as the result came, we started getting a call from the Ministry of Health and family affair. They wanted to know whether we wanted to go to a hospital or remain quarantined in our home. We opted for home quarantine. Now our actual battle with Covid-19 began. Me and my wife were having mild fever and a dry cough. My wife was complaining of pain in the chest. My daughter and son also developed mild fever, though they did not have a cough. My father-in-law had been suffering from chest congestion for the last few months and that was a cause of worry for us. We consulted our family doctor and he prescribed some medicine and asked him to take steam at regular intervals. My mother-in-law had also started feeling unwell, she had a mild fever. We were very scared. The fear of Covid-19 was so intense that we started having false symptoms like breathlessness. In this chaos, our good friend Alpana Verma called us and suggested the way of prayers and healings. We are a religious family but not much into rituals. In this gloom, we found this option soothing and calming. As soon as the process of healing began we could feel a stability, our mind was less tense and there was less fear. After five days, all of us were out of fever. Me and my wife had a little cough. My father-in-law remained as he was. He did not develop any complications. My mother-in-law had a mild fever but it was manageable. My maid and my nephew remained asymptomatic. We remained quarantined for seventeen days and came out unharmed. I would like to express my gratitude towards Yoga Prana Vidya Organization. Our special thanks to Vishakha Ma’am and her team, who’s constant prayer helped us survive in these difficult times. We shall be indebted throughout our lives. Last but not the least, our special regards to Mrs. Alpana Verma for being so caring and thoughtful.

Amit Kumar Srivastava

Dear Vishaka Mam, On behalf of my family, I would like to express gratitude for healings given to my brother Bhaskar Mahendrakar, Mother Indira Mahendrakar, Father Nagraj Mahendrakar who were going through a tough patch. My Mom, Dad, and brother were having fever and similar symptoms of Corona Virus for a week. Which was later tested as COVID positive. The fear and anxiety were high within all family members. I stay in Hyderabad, Telangana and My parents and Brother Stay in Dombivli, Maharashtra. Point to be noted that all the communication was on the phone. Parents and brother were on antibiotics, multivitamins and recovery wasn’t there. So I approached Shweta Nayak. Shweta and her team immediately started their healings. Day by day my family started recovering but the stress was still there. I was giving regular updates to Shweta about their health condition. In between, there was a time we thought of getting them hospitalized as our relative and my sister was insisting us to get them hospitalized. As my mother’s fever was recurring and she had diarrhea. Dad’s sugar levels were going up, he had a cough. My brother had a fever and a cough. All 3 were extremely weak. I informed Shweta about this decision but Shweta insisted us to wait and watch for 2 days as their energy level was improved than before. Same-day in the evening our doctor also said us to wait for 2 days as the situation in Hospitals was depressing. Healing showed its effect and within 2 days all 3 were feeling better and fever was gone, even diarrhea was reduced. It was like a miracle. They were at home instead of the Hospital which was a good thing for all of us. Now, they have recovered up to 80% and doing breathing exercises daily 3 times. Day by day their condition is improving which I have personally noticed. YPV healing energy should be learned by everyone. You have the power to heal yourself and your family members. You gain confidence and it helps a lot in such a situation. I thank you, the entire YPV team, for timely healing given to my parents and brother.

Nagesh Mahendrakar

I am DRJ, Professor, OralPathology worked as a team leader in the COVID-19 wards when it was converted into a Covid 19 ward for positive patients I wished to help the patients to heal fast since I am also a healer and have been to Ashram, so spoke to Jagadeeswari( Madhu Sudhir) Maam and started sending the names of patients for healing up to 125 patients, Astonishingly, we saw most were getting discharged in a week or so without much problems. The duties to be done were new to all of us as we were dentists and the ward had just started with a capacity of 100 beds to start with. Every hurdle we faced was smoothly and efficiently converted into a stepping stone and a stable platform built up. Few doctors affected also got treated with YPV. On behalf of all the patients & Doctors, I immensely thank Madhu mam & team from Mysore Yoga Prana Vidya Centre, Reddy Sir, for their healings, blessings, and support. Now, out of 3 covid hospitals ours was awarded best


Want to start this mail with a big THANK YOU to you and all the healers who played a big role in my recovery. So to be honest, I never believed in any of these. I would always think that they never worked, etc. I am a Covid savior, and I would say that as I have been pulled out of dead so a savior. Was admitted to the hospital in Kolkata on the 8th of May 2020 after being detected with Covid . After a few days, my health started to deteriorate and on the 11th of May 2020 was moved to the ICU. Frankly I never ever imagined that I would reach there, doctors told me that my lungs were very weak and were put on Oxygen. Chances for my survival were very faint, even though I am 40 years old, and at the start, the doctors thought it would not be so difficult, but I was a big mess at that time. My friends and family were really worried and tensed about me. That’s when a close friend reached out to you for help, and trust me am s0000 glad she did that. From 13th May 2020 onwards you and your entire team have played such a huge role in my recovery. I remember my friend telling me later how you would send me healing late at night also and would keep checking on my health all the time….trust me it means so much to me. I really owe this to all of you. No one in today’s world would do so much for a complete stranger, must say u all are doing commendable work. The role you and your entire healing team played in my life can’t be matched to anything. Some who was a non-believer in any of this healing today believe and thank all of you for giving me a new life. Doctors most definitely did their role but I remember telling my friend I felt something really strange and powerful near me all the time, I know now was all the healing coming my way. Even after I got better and was out of danger after 72 hours I got a msg from you In a few days to teach me Rhythmic breathing and forgiveness, and u even helped me with the same on a whatsapp video call, when I was discharged from the hospital and home on the 3rd of June 2020 you still followed up with me about my health A big applause to u and all the people to whom I owe my second life. Keep healing people around you, they all need you and the other healers in times like this. Want to thank your organization YOGA PRANA VIDYA for such amazing work they are doing, their app Is so easy and user friendly would highly recommend all my people. And yes I am still practicing the breathing exercise and shall continue for sure.

Amrish Mimani

My friend and colleague Dr. Dilip Singhvi was tested COVID positive as he was working in an Oman hospital with COVID patients. I requested my friend Smita Jain who is a YPV Healer to help my friend. Dr. Singhvi was put on the ventilator and was very critical. Smita, Lakshmi ma’am started doing his healings. By the second day, he started showing improvement. They continued his healings and he showed miraculous recovery within 5-7 days. The ventilator was removed by the 7th day and he was feeling much better. I can say with lots of gratitude that this could have happened because of the healing that was being given to him. I’m so thankful to Smita, Lakshmi ma’am, and the entire team to come forward and help in these crucial times. With people like them, one can feel so safe. She has helped me to remove all fear from within me and have faith. I do the breathing exercise and forgiveness recommended by YPV every day 3-4 times a day. Everyone should do this regularly to maintain their immunity strong.

Dr. Neelam

Thank you for your valuable support received in our critical situation My Son-in-Law, Chaitanya Takalkar Age 32, suffering from fever from 18th to 20th May, after taking treatment from local Doctor, he felt better, but suddenly on 24th May he had a high fever and felt immense weakness and breathing problem, hence we hospitalized him immediately at Sahyadri Hospital Deccan Gymkhana. Due to breathing problems they put him on a ventilator, the very same day I was informed of Yoga Prana Vidya healing and that it is a no-touch, no drug healing and they can cure patients through distance healing. For the next few days, injection and saline were given with YPV therapy, breathing issue slowly came down hence they gave 4/5 times oxygen 4 lit/& 2 lit after 2/3 days they stopped saline and all medicine and put him on observation without any treatment. And on 2nd June gave discharge, we continued to take YPV healings till he stabilized for another 4 days. Once again thank you so much for your valuable support. Thank you once again for Neha Sethiya madam as she gave us very positive support and regularly calling for feedback of Chaitanya.

Varsha Ghorpade

One month ago, from 20/04/20 My father Mr. Padam Sirole, 61 years old, was suffering from high diabetes, high blood pressure, urinary tract infection, and fever, as we concerned to doctor for medical help and he prescribed medicines for sugar control and UTI but after 7-8 days at 27/04/20 we call covid team for a normal check-up and they said there is no symptoms of covid 19 all parameters are well and no need of testing. After a day after tomorrow i.e. 28/04/20 my father has been started coughing which is continuous and totally dry. I again called the covid-19 team for a check-up on 01/05/20 they observed low SPO2 (oxygen level) and advised to admit my father for covid testing, covid-19 teams had been admitted him in R.D.Gardi hospital Ujjain at the same evening. and my family was quarantined for the next 14 days. all family members were so stressed and feeling so down. Then one of my senior officers advised me about YOGA PRANA VIDYA healing and asked me for keeping faith in healing and relatable healers, he has been asked for meditation, breathing and forgiveness.i started meditation and breathing and got some positive results. YPV healers started healing of my father since the late-night of 01/05/20 itself, my father’s improvement report was provided by me to the healer and I was in continuous touch with the healer for the improvements we observed in the recovery. I am so glad to say that my father’s covid test was negative which was declared in the morning of 05/05/2020 and at the same day he was discharged from the hospital then my family was feeling stress-free and a little positive but the cough was not cured totally and urine retention also stopped. We concerned to the doctor again on 08/05/20 in Pushpa mission hospital Ujjain. all tests were done including USG, ECG, etc and the problem observed was the enlargement of the prostate gland and sugar level also at its peak, on that day catheter was inserted for urine retention for 10 days and medicines were running the healers were constantly healing my father for 4 times in a day parallel form. On 18/05/20 catheter was removed, sugar level and blood pressure were in control and my father was feeling fit. Thank you YPV healers for your constant healings & blessings. I’m so grateful for their advice such as breathing, forgiveness & meditation for total body improvements. I appreciate all YPV healers for their great efforts to the world and suggest other people who are suspected or detected for covid 19 positive or quarantined to contact YPV healers and be healthy soon. pray for all YPV healers for huge strength and motivation.

Sushma Sirole

Thank you to Smita Ji. Lakshmi ma’am and all the healers. When my brother and bhabhi were tested COIVD positive… I contacted Smita Ji who started the healing immediately. She told to make them do breathing exercise and forgiveness 4-5 times a day. My brother recovered very fast. His fever came down to normal from 102 to 98.5 on the third day. He responded quite well to his throat n cold infections too. He came back to his wellbeing very soon. My bhabhi, Nidhi was asymptomatic. She recovered very fast with her throat n cold infections. Her feeling of well being was resumed very soon. We are truly grateful to the entire YPV team for their selfless gesture.

Ruchi Maheshwari

Respected Sir/ Madam. I am Sushil Parmar (Age -41 Years) and live in Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh) On 27th April, my mother (58 Years old) was hospitalized as suffering from anxiety problems and the same date we lost her. This was a painful time for my entire family as a few days back everything was okay, and we are enjoying a happy life. After some time, we were trying to come back in our normal life and suddenly on 04.05.20, I came to know that I am also positive for COVID-19 and was Isolated in Local hospital for treatment and then referred to SAIMS Indore. Being alone in the hospital was very difficult and even not knowing what will happen next with me or my family. With all these worries (Stress, family responsibility ) I had gone in depression and this also affected my health. On 04.05.20, one of my senior officers called me and recommended for Yoga Prana Vidya Healings to overcome from this difficult circumstance. Yoga Prana Vidya is one of the oldest forms of healing techniques. A group of healers from Yoga Prana Vidya team uses to heal me 3 to 4 times a day after taking my feedback regarding my health conditions daily. From the first day of the healing only I felt great improvements psychologically and physically. I came out of my physical weakness into good health faster than other patients. I started doing deep breathing 5 times, and forgiveness 2 times daily. Healing was given to my younger son, Yuvraj (5yrs) also, thankfully with healings his report was negative and he is healthy now. On 16th May, I was discharged from Hospital as my 2nd report was negative. After discharge, doctors home quarantined me but still, I was worried about various things as it may relapse… about family …work etc. Even after discharge, my healings continued when I was home also, and this resulted in very good and fast improvements in my health. At present, I can eat properly and am happy. Now I am out of stress, however, still, I am carrying on these practices to keep me healthy with such difficult circumstances existing around the world. I would like to thank from the depth of my heart to Yoga Prana Vidya healers for your great service to humanity by organizing online breathing and meditation session, and blessings 3 times a day by N J Reddy Sir, which accelerated my healing process. I also recommended the practices to many of my family members and also the people affected from COVID-19 around me. Once again thank you for your great support and kindness.

Sushil Parmar

Hello Mrs. Manjusha S. Mahajan, I’m writing this as a thank you note to you, Manjusha ma’am and Yoga Prana Vidya. That friend of mine who had tested positive for Covid19 as on March 19th’ 2020 is now keeping absolutely well. His symptoms that included body pain, weakness, and difficulty in breathing have disappeared now.. His difficulty in breathing rapidly reduced after doing rhythmic breathing at least thrice a day & After regular healings and blessings from the Yoga Prana Vidya family, he has tested negative for Covid19 now as on date.. I’m extremely grateful to you Manjusha ma’am and the entire Yoga Prana Vidya family for all the blessings to my friend.

Shivani Varade

Atma Namaste, Police Officer resulted positive to covid 19 on 8th May. He was a critical patient with previous heart surgeries and high diabetes. My trainer and their team of YPV Healers gave healing to him from 8th May and he has recovered miraculously, as he has come out of ICU in three days and finally his report came negative to covid 19 yesterday and got discharged from Wockhardt hospital. He’s now fit and fine at his home. Healing by madam helped his miraculous recovery in just 8 days. Deep Gratitude to YPV and madam from myself and Shinde Family.

Vaishali Hangargekar

Judge in Mumbai court
Atma Namaste, I’m Anitha from Blore. My relative, Chakrapani, 83 years old was tested Covid-19 positive on 10th July-2020. Kavitha and myself are YPV healers and started healing as soon he was tested. On 11th July-2020 he was supplemented with oxygen. Immediately I contacted Asha ma’am(Asha Anur) to start the healing. At 6:56 pm Asha Ma’am messaged me that healing was done. AT 7:30 pm I got a call that his oxygen levels were back to normal. The next day, he was out of an oxygen mask and started doing physical exercise also. My sincere thanks to Reddy sir and Asha ma’am.


Thank you Smita Ji, Lakshmi Ma’am, and all the healers. Dheeraj, one of a friend was tested Covid positive, we started with his healings and the family too through Smita Ji. He responded and recovered very well to his low energy levels, which was continuous feedback from him. Post healings, his energy levels improved drastically. He showed a great improvement on the psychological front too. His first-time experience of healing was great and has made him a firm believer. He is grateful to the entire YPV team on behalf of his family too.

Ruchi Maheshwari

I am Rakesh from Aurangabad thanking you and all team of yog pran vidhya energy healing. You all have supported us since day one as we all family members got hospitalized for COVID19 virus. We all faced physical and emotional problems during these 12 days in the hospital. But yog pran vidhya energy healing done by you and team for us helped us to recover easily. You and the team did great work who did a healing for us 3 times a day till we get home safely. We had breathing problems, body pain, and fever. By this energy healing, we get relief. Thank you so much each and everyone in the team.


My Name is Sandeep Sharma I am from Indore, My Father Mr. Suresh Sharma has an age of 62 Years. On 24th April my Father started having cough, cold, and a lot of weakness. He was taken to the hospital and was tested for COVID. He was found positive for COVID. Afterward, I talked to my brother Apoory Sharma and he talked to Vishakha Madam & YPV Team, after that she and her team started healing for my father. After 2-3 days of healing, there was a huge improvement in cold & cough, weakness also reduced, he was retested after about 10-12 days and his report came negative, and then he was discharged from hospital. Healing was continued for a few more days even after coming home and now he is fully fit and fine. So, I want to thank Yoga Prana Vidhya Team and Vishkha Madam as through their healing my father is healthy and fully recovered now, Thank you so much again.

Sandeep Sharma

I am Kiran Kumar, 36, Bangalore, working in a private company in Bangalore. I was tested positive for COVID 19 on the 27th of June and was admitted to hospital for treatment, on Sunday I was not able to talk as I had continue coughing and was taken to emergency ward. With continuous healing from Chandrika Aunty and Madhu Sudhir Ma’am, I was able to recover very fast and was discharged in 9 days. Thank you Madhu Sudhir Ma’am and Yoga Prana Vidya for helping me and for fast recovery.

Kiran Kumar

Dear Vishakha Mam, On behalf of my family, I would like to express gratitude for healings given to my brother Kailash Lalwani even as our family was going through a very tough patch as we were mourning at the loss of my father. On June 3, 2020, my brother developed slight fever. On 5th, his fever shot up. On the 5th morning, he underwent testing for Corona and report came positive. On 6th, he got admitted to government hospital. On 7th, transferred to Private hospital for treatment. He was given 5 days of antibiotics. He was back home on 18th June and his report turned negative before that. On June 11, I informed Mythili madam about my brother’s condition, and immediately YPV healings were arranged. At that point, he was unable to talk, his breathing was heavy. By June 12, he reported he was feeling better. Little breathing difficulty. By 14th, his health improved but he was upset emotionally and also fed up of being in hospital. On June 15, he reported he felt much better than before and doctors stopped his antibiotics. Eventually, he became COVID negative and was discharged back home. I thank you and entire YPV team for the timely healings given to my brother. It also helped him at an emotional level which was much needed in his case.

Vimrata Haryani

I’m Andal from Vellore. My friend who lives in the US was worried about her aged parents living in Chennai, they were tested +Ve for COVID 19, Sandhya did healing for them and they have recovered faster than expected. They had many complications due to their age(both above 70). I thank Reddy sir and Sandhya wholeheartedly for the healings.


Atma Namaste, I am Raghavendra D S, 29 years old from Mysore, I am working in a private company in Mumbai. I travelled from Mumbai to Bangalore on 3rd of June 2020 and tested positive for COVID 19. I was surprised to know that I was tested positive as there were no symptoms of COVID 19 for me. I was shifted to hospital for treatment. I got cured and discharged in 4 days. My father-in-law practice healing regularly and also asked Madhu Sudhir ma’am to heal me for my early recovery. I am really great full to Madhu Sudhir ma’am for healing me for speedy recovery. Thanks to Yoga Prana vidya.

Raghavendra D S

Thank you to Smita ji, Lakshmi ma’am, and all the healers. Our two office staff Sandeep and Tarun were diagnosed with COVID. She told them to do breathing exercise and forgiveness 4-5 times a day…Sandeep has developed all possible symptoms of COVID. Apart from getting physically better, his fear of getting COVID infected has put lot of mental turbulence in his mind and body. His win over his psychological issues made his recovery smooth and he gives credit to YPV healings. Tarun was asymptomatic. He recovered very well with very few challenges just with healings and isolation. We are truly grateful to YPV team for their healings.

Ruchi Maheshwari

I’m writing this mail on behalf of my husband Mr.Sandeep Kolte who was detected Covid-19 positive on 19/6/20. I would like to thank all YPV healers & my friend Preeti Not for introducing me to Yoga Prana Vidya Healings who helped my husband to recover faster. On 19th June, 2020 he was hospitalised at that time he had the following symptoms: *25, infection in lungs with pneumonia patches in lungs * Fever *Loose motions *Weakness *Low oxygen levels due to which external oxygen was given. *B12 deficiency 8. *Hemoglobin 9.05. As soon as he was hospitalized I had contacted my friend and with her guidance his YPV healings were started immediately. He showed a steady improvement in all his health parameters since day one and within 2days his fever had completely gone and even his loose motions had stopped completely. By the 4th day of starting YPV healings for him he was completely stable, his oxygen levels had increased so doctors had reduced his requirement for external oxygen from 24/7 to only 4 hours a day ( morning – 2hours and evening 2hours), B12 deficiency was also improving due to which even his weakness had reduced tremendously & there was improvement in his hemoglobin levels. Within 6days since the day his YPV healings were started external oxygen supply was removed completely, saturation was 96/97 & his chest X-ray was all clear (the pneumonia patches were all cured). Even though his second report on 25th July, 2020 was positive still we were not worried as his parameters were stable since then. By 11th day of starting YPV healings for him he was DISCHARGED and was quarantined in a hotel for next 8days. Doctors had prescribed to start with some breathing exercises to improve the lung capacity and luckily during quarantine he was allowed to have a mobile phone with him so he immediately started with the breathing exercise and enhancing immunity breathing exercise from the YPV Sadhana App. These breathing exercises are very easy to follow and even the app is very simple to use. During quarantine period his oxygen levels raised and were maintained at 97/98 so we were relaxed. On 10th July, 2020 he tested negative for Covid-19 and returned home safely. I would like to thank each and every YPV healer and Vishakha ma’am for healing him, taking timely feedbacks, so patiently helping us to understand the breathing exercises and YPV Sadhana app. Thank you all for helping us in our difficult times. Thank you & God Bless you all!!

Jyoti Kolte

Hello, I am Bharti Lahoti, from Thane. My neighbors Anjali and Ranjit Verma and their 8th month pregnant daughter Apurva were tested positive for corona on 3/07/2020. I told them that my sister in law, Manisha and *yoga Prana Vidya* team does service healing for covid patients. I told Anjali about healing and their healing began on 07/07/20. All three of them had cold, cough, and fever. From the next day, their fever dropped down. Manisha asked for their feedback daily and made them download YPV Sadhana App. They did breathing 2-3 times daily which gave them relief. On 12/07/20 they came back home from hospital. After coming back to home, their healing was continued for more 3-4 days after which they became normal. They were alright. I thank Manisha, Vishakhaji, and *Yoga Prana Vidya* team from Anjali and their family’s behalf. “Yoga prana vidya team is doing a great job*.

Bharti Lahoti

Respected Mam, My name is Rachana Shinde from Nashik. My brother Mr. Rahul Gawali age 32 years started having cold and cough and after 2 days high fever. So, he tested for COVID and found himself COVID positive. He was suffering from a lot of pain and was mentally disturbed. He had a lot of weakness. Afterwards my sister in law told me about Poonam mam who is healer and YPV team. I contacted Poonam mam and shared his situation with her, after that she started treatment of my brother. After 2-3 days there was improvement in cough and weakness. My brother started feeling well after that and he started to take his lunch and dinner properly again. Soon his reports for Covid-19 came negative. Healing was continued for a few more days. Now my brother is fully fit and fine. Thank you Poonam mam for your support because of which my brother recovered.

Rachana Shinde

I am Sandeep Gupta, 49, Delhi. I am into pharmaceutical business. End of May I started feeling sick- Cough, 102 fever, weakness. I tested positive for COVID-19 on 31 May 2020. When I first got the call I was shocked and couldn’t process anything. It not only affected me physically but emotionally as well. The anxiety and fear had overpowered all the other emotions. My wife immediately involved me into Yoga Prana Vidya which came as a ray of hope and positivity. I regularly attended Reddy sir’s meditation & forgiveness sessions. I am very grateful to Lakshmi Ma’am for the healings and positive energy. I feel absolutely normal now i.e. 9 June 2020. I noticed a significant shift in my mindset as well as how I felt physically. Thank You to YOGA PRANA VIDYA.

Sandeep Gupta

I would like to thank Smita Jain and all the healers for providing YPV healing to my cousin brother Amandeep. He was diagnosed covid+ve. I immediately informed Smita Jain and she started the healing immediately. I was in constant touch with Smita during this period. Amandeep was also in ICU as he was diagnosed with pneumonia. I gave regular feedback to her and she used to increase his healings accordingly. He recovered miraculously and was discharged from the hospital in just 3 days. He is perfectly alright now. I am so grateful to Smita and the entire healing group for helping in healing.


Dear team of Yoga Prana Vidya Healers, I’m Divya Goyal. In this corona pandemic, my family was affected and my 5 family members were tested positive for Covid-19 including me. With Yoga Prana Vidya healings, breathing exercises, enhancing immunity breathing exercises, blessings & group healings from the entire Yoga Prana Vidya healers all of my family members are now tested negative for covid-19, now they all are back home and are feeling good. Yoga Prana Vidya has helped my entire family in this time of crisis and saved our lives by healing us at physical and psychological levels & even teaching us such simple YPV techniques through which we could help ourselves by strengthening our immunity system. My sister Archana Gupta introduced us to Smita Jain a Yoga Prana Vidya Healer. She explained to us that Yoga Prana Vidya is a no touch, no drug & complementary system of healing in which any physical and psychological issue can be healed. She said along with the healings we will have to do the breathing exercises, and forgiveness sadhana 3-4 times a day. So I asked all my family members to download the YPV sadhana app and from we all started to practice the breathing exercises. Every day our healing was done by Smita. Lakshmi ma’am and a group of YPV healers and they minutely checked into each and every feedback of our health conditions. My father in law CL Goyal was on ventilator for a few days and we were all very stressed. In a span of just 10days 4 of us were feeling better and we’re back home from the hospital. My father also started recovering from the critical situation and was back home in 3 days. we all had the FEAR of dying due to covid-19, stress, anxiety. But to our surprise once the YPV healings started fever was completely gone, cough had reduced, headaches were gone just within two days. And few of us were in hospital since last five were showing improvement, more difficult was the case with father who was having multiple symptoms but with YPV healings we are all fine now. We are grateful for the miraculous YPV healings and techniques. I wish others too take their help and may their work spread to as many people as possible.

Divya Goyal

I am Tushar Mathuckia from Pune. I am 48 years old. I had a little cough from 13th June and then I went for COVID 19 test. On 16th june I was tested positive and hospitalized. My daughter had also started with same symptoms. My sister in law is a yoga prana vidya healer. She told me about Yoga Prana Vidya Healing Modality and their team started healing me three times a day. After they started healing I was feeling better and my recovery was very fast. After 3 days my daughter Tanisha also tested positive and we got healings done for her also. I got discharged from hospital in just 7 days and even she also got discharged in 4 days. Thank you so much all Yoga Prana Vidya team of healers who are helping COVID 19 patients to recover so fast!.

Sejal Mehta

I am Deepesh Gupta, 46, Delhi. I am into pharmaceutical business. I tested positive for COVID-19 on 31 May 2020. I had fever, constant cough, vomiting, weakness and body ache. I was extremely tensed and couldn’t divert my mind from my illness. I took all the medicines prescribed by the doctors however I still couldn’t get the vomiting to stop. That’s when I was involved into Yoga Prana Vidya by my sister in law. Ever since that I feel much better everyday. Today on 9th June 2020 I feel strong physically & emotionally just like before and almost all my symptoms are gone. I am very grateful to Lakshmi Ma’am for the healings and positive energy.

Deepesh Gupta

RHYTHMIC BREATHING IS LIFE SAVIOUR to learn and practice download YPV SADHNA APP from Play store or Apple Store. DISEASE and BREATH – Almost 90 percent diseases are, directly or indirectly, related to stress and can’t be analyzed under microscopes. Our mind talks and connects to the body, in various ways, through our central nervous system. We have stress response in any difficult situation. Brain gives message of danger to your body and the heart starts beating fast, you get high blood the, high pulse rate, and less energy to send to your immune system. There is an alternative response: Relaxation Response, which triggers and heals the body SIMPLY BY OBSERVING YOUR BREATH. Breath is the important bridge between your mind and body, between conscious and subconscious mind. Each time you have a thought, electric current goes through and connects one neuron with another, through NEUROTRANSMITTERS, it opens up with DNA, and genes come up and this thought changes genes. MIND OVER MATTER HAPPENS very quickly and spontaneous healing happens overnight.! Practice makes a man perfect. Abundant gratitude to Reddy Sir for teaching and making us practice this daily in FB sessions three times daily. In immense gratitude Uma Gupta. it— PRANA VIDYA Bringing Peace On Earth

Uma Gupta

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