• Spirituality is a way of life, it is not just doing meditation
  • Result of faith is love. Result of Love is Service. Result of Service is Peace
  • Wisdom is proportional to understanding law of karma
  • There should be no one left to forgive
  • The most precious thing on earth for the divine is the physical body
  • Remember that it’s the struggle itself that strengthens the soul, not the effect of the struggle whether its success or failure
  • if you feel fear, tithe and decree to counter it
  • Karma yoga is doing your job systematically, with understanding and one-pointedness
  • Don’t focus on who is right and who is wrong, focus on what is right
  • Knowing alone is not enough, one must remember the teachings, regularly practice the teachings until they are mastered
  • Live with an attitude of gratitude
  • There is a lesson to learn in every situation
  • if you want to experience love, give love
  • By developing good self-esteem, one can overcome pride
  • Every moment, your health is either improving or deteriorating
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